okay from tomorrow i am going to start doing some spoken word pieces and putting them on youtube, the main ones though will be connected to a screenplay i am writing about the aftermath of the story in which the protagonist dies at the end (not a spoiler by the way the opening monologue is by the protagonist explaining he is now dead and that it is the last few weeks of his life). It will be by his best friend, the love interest and the young boy who kills him. In between i’ll do pieces where i ask what people want to hear my opinion on and ill pick the one i feel passionate about and do a quick recording of but yeah, what do you think? like your input will be a big part so hit me up with questions or ideas

seriously though; i know i mention her a lot, but without daisy i don’t think i’d be where i am today. i mean she got me back to college by showing me i could, she got me going to spoken word events becuase she knew i could, she has helped me with my monologue exams because she knew i could. she is the biggest support in my life and she always gives me an example to aspire to, with her going away to university and taking her first steps into showing the world how insanely talented and fucking fantastic she is. Most people would name people like Ghandi, Martin Luther King or someone of that nature as their hero for showing them a better way of thinking, but me, my hero is my beautifully perfect girlfriend - Daisy Inkersole and I love her so much for it.

one day i am going to make a feature film. i don’t care how long it will take, but i will make one. i want to write and direct a film and i will carry on till i do it. i’ll make shorts, act in others productions, learn everything i can until i make it happen. it recently has clicked with me that this is what i want to do, and this is what will keep me going through this next year. i have the people to support me like my beautiful girlfriend, my best friend Andy and my sister and that is all i need to know i can do well. those people believe in me and if they can i can to. how ever long it will take to get there, i will do it.